My investment style is

Curious and passionate, you are told by people that you are as attractive as a cat, but you are sometimes an impromptu style that gets caught up in your surroundings and the atmosphere. You're not interested in stocks at all because of your tendency to cut corners and stay at home, but it is highly likely that you started stocks after looking at it as more people around you invested in stocks. You should try to be careful and careful about buying things spontaneously because people recommend them as good stock. You are more interested in meeting various people and experiencing various things than in finance. You're having trouble managing my assets, so it's good to get professional help in budgeting and designing your portfolio in detail. If you start with a friend who is not interested in stocks, can you lose a lot of money?

Red-Hair Seong Gi-Hun
Blue Chip TOP3
ARK Innovation ETF
Danimer Scientific
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