My investment style is
Hwang Jun-Ho
"If you can satisfy me in 5 minutes, i might let you live"

You are responsible and careful, but you know how to accommodate change, and you know how to build good relationships with people who have opened their minds once. When investing, you prefer to look carefully for news of the items you are interested in, and invest in a planned and stable manner. Didn't you write your own sales log or report? You are more likely to gradually increase your return with an analytical and memory. You are easily satisfied with small consumption, and you know how to enjoy small amounts of fun and happiness by doing stocks even if it's not a high yield and profit. However, even though you've thought hard about choosing items that can yield higher returns, you might often think 'I should have waited a little longer' after being satisfied with the small profits and having a good night and rest! If you have an item that has a high potential for growth silently, can you become a future building owner?

Han Mi-Nyeo
Blue Chip TOP3
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