My investment style is
"Green Light. Red Light."

You, who are more logical and creative than anyone else, are more likely to show genius in areas of interest. If you enjoy the process of exploring deeply and have a lot of intellectual curiosity, you can become more knowledgeable about stocks than others. However, they may be hesitating whether to start stocks or not yet invest in these stocks because they lack practical skills in areas that are not clearly hooked on. I hope you have more faith in your own judgment because you have a good eye for predicting the future without being swayed by emotions. If you invest seriously, stocks and funds can be the best way to invest. Consumption habits are frugal, but you can spend a lot of money on new or luxurious experiences that you haven't done before. Rather than stocks that many people know, they are more likely to find and invest in new stocks such as public offerings, and if they invest based on evidence in the long term, they will benefit the most. Can we find a great state like Tesla early on and become rich with original analysis and reasoning?

Han Mi-Nyeo
DdakJi King
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