My investment style is
Boss Oh Il-Nam
"So then...that’s what you did this whole time. Does tricking your friend like that make sense to you?"

Smart, rational, and confident, you are the type of person who is willing to plan and execute strategies in finance. Once you decide to invest, you are tend to achieve your goals with strong will, excellent logic, and market-reading insights. you study widely and deeply through various lectures, reading broadcasts, YouTube, and books, and you often accumulate knowledge about domestic stocks, overseas stocks, and overseas gifts. As you study, you try to pursue high returns through the process of establishing your own portfolio and re-establishing my thoughts. Consumption patterns are usually frugal, but you're willing to spend money when you have to. However, you should be wary of this because you can make impulsive decisions when you feel stressed or pressed for time. If you have full-time investor capabilities, if you thoroughly analyze and strategically invest in a number of companies, could you be the second Julian Robertson in the future?

SsangMun-Dong Seong Gi-Hun
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