My investment style is
Jang Deok-Su
"Go sit somewhere in the corner, come lights-out. Don’t breathe or make a noise. If I hear you breathe...then I’ll come for you."

You are smart and observant, and people around you often say that you are witty and witty. You think the fun of life is so important that you choose death if you are faithful to the present and have no freedom. You are more likely to be popular wherever you go, with all your insider and attention span. If you put your overflowing energy and challenging spirit into the re-tack, you'll be able to invest more happily than anyone else. When studying stocks, it is much more efficient to participate in various gatherings and get information than to sit at a desk bored and sell hard theories. You can make mistakes sometimes because you are swept away by various information, but at important moments, you become more sober and judge based on accurate facts. Be careful not to overspend for fun or invest at too much risk! If you're careful about this, your practical side will increase your discernment in investment. An extrovert with full intelligence and reasonable discernment! Will you be a beggar, or a rich man?

Kang Sae-Byeok
Blue Chip TOP3
ARK Innovation ETF
Danimer Scientific
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