My investment style is
Cho Sang-Woo
"I'm alive because i did my best to survive"

No matter how hard it seems to be to achieve, it is the style of making goals and action plans in detail. You are confident, dedicated, and competent, with a tendency that can be seen in global business leaders and famous politicians and famous politicians. If you decide to start stocks, you are likely to invest in basic knowledge needed for stocks, such as business reports, financial statements, and charts. If you set a goal like 'achieving at least 10% annual return' you will develop a specific action plan, such as a portfolio for this and your own principles for buying/selling, and push forward without hesitation until you achieve it. Even if the stock price of your stock falters, you will find out exactly what caused it and quickly overcome the situation based on your beliefs and thoughts. You have the ideal investment tendency to reduce risk factors as much as possible and to make a profit based on clear goals and plans. Be careful when you spend it because it can give the impression that you want to save too much. If you are less strict with yourself and around you, your relationship with people will get better. Can you see stable long-term returns with quick situational judgment, fact-based thinking, specific goals and practices?

Red-Hair Seong Gi-Hun
Blue Chip TOP3
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