My investment style is
SsangMun-Dong Seong Gi-Hun
"Do you think money solves everything?"

You are an attractive person to anyone who is sociable, free, and knows how to enjoy life. It's a tendency to appear a lot in celebrities, and it's popular with people because it's warm and curious. You know what's attractive about yourself. You have a high aesthetic sense and are versatile, but the only thing is, your charm doesn't seem to work in finance. Have you lived far from planning spending habits, saving, investing, and planning for the future? You can earn as much as you spend well, but if you live neglecting the economy, you may not be able to do what you want. You should be careful not to spend emotionally and invest spontaneously. Don't be swayed by the surrounding atmosphere and invest through logical analysis. If you have a headache just by looking at chart analysis and statistics, I recommend you not to give up studying and visit an expert. If you manage your assets with a long-term perspective and specific plans, you can continue your free life! It's better to do with expert rather than do it yourself.

SsangMun-Dong Seong Gi-Hun
Boss Oh Il-Nam
Blue Chip TOP3
ARK Innovation ETF
Danimer Scientific
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