My investment style is
Han Mi-Nyeo
"I'm good at everything except the things that i can't do"

With quick brain rotation and free thinking skills, you already have a brilliant idea and are not afraid of intellectual challenges. If you start re-tech, you will likely be interested in stocks, bitcoin, real estate, etc. with overflowing curiosity. You have the ability to achieve my goal somehow with insight into the future and abundant knowledge. Also, you hate boring work, so you try to solve it quickly by presenting a wide view or a new method. When you invest, you prefer to put profitability first and invest directly in stocks or bonds. If it's a sport that you recommend with a lot of confidence and wit, people around you might be buying it as if they were possessed. However, be careful because you can make a wrong decision if you believe in yourself too much. Even if success continues, it is important not to fall into your own investment. Your broad interest and aggressive investment propensity are advantages, but sometimes it can be a big poison. If you continue to study steadily, but also take the attitude of accepting other people's opinions carefully, you will be able to make a successful long-term investment. Why don't you put up with a little bit of boredom so that a quick start doesn't become a quick waiver...?

Red-Hair Seong Gi-Hun
Hwang Jun-Ho
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