My investment style is
Oh Il-Nam
"We are...gganbu, aren’t we? Gganbu always share everything with each other no matter what."

You, who are more free and independent than anyone else, have your own irresistible charm. It's hard to say that even close friends know you because of your ever-changing, creative and unique personality. For you, money is a means of enjoying your life, and you prefer to spend it pleasantly without any specific plans. For you, pleasure is more likely to give you long-term happiness than temporary gratification. It could be building a bond with people, or achieving your vision. You tend to burn your passion for life only when you feel that you live a valuable life rather than a stable life. You are versatile and enjoy challenges, but you are not very interested in finance. If you're interested in investing, it's highly likely that it started as a game. After starting stocks impulsively and making profits, you can indulge in expectations and fun and become addicted to risky investments. You have good insight, but you don't like repetitive tasks, so you might have trouble saving money or investing in the long run. Since you have a high desire for achievement, you can be interested in stable investments if you set clear financial goals and analyze and invest in companies that match your values. Why don't you invest while managing your profits and risks at the same time?

Han Mi-Nyeo
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