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Abdul Ali
"Thank you so much, sir."

You are a type of person who feels pride and happiness in doing truly good things and making the world a better place. Enthusiastic and charismatic, you have the power to trust and follow people sincerely. You tend to believe that your style can be a good leader, that you can make good results for everyone if you work together more than alone. You tend to set common goals and take steps to achieve them, and you are good at understanding others and persuasive, so you have excellent leadership skills. Because you focus on the ideal that you think is important, you are often not very interested in retaking. In this case, you may want to start with the SRI fund (a fund that invests in companies that fulfill their social responsibilities). If you invest in stocks yourself, I believe you can get better returns when many people exercise their collective intelligence rather than just studying alone. Have you created and operated an investment information sharing meeting or a chat room to share information? Even if you're not an operator, you'll be able to get a lot of help from your investment with excellent communication skills. At this time, watch out for excessive optimism and develop your information discernment! Would it be possible to earn a high return if you lead the meeting and learn a lot of information?

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