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You are full of confidence and charisma, and I believe there is nothing in the world that you can't achieve with enough time and resources. The fact that this is a grounded confidence is proving through one's own life. With a solid vision, enterprising thinking, long-term vision, accurate judgment, quick decision making, and excellent execution, you are full of natural leaders. Not only is it the highest average salary of all personality types, but it also has many excellent businessmen. You make good money by working hard and pursuing crazy play, but it can be a little hard to collect seed money because you are not interested in saving money. Once you are interested in investing, you tend to study and achieve it on your own, even if it takes time, rather than being advised to recommend stocks around you or what to do. You can find and analyze information in person to create high returns, and you have a strong tendency to invest aggressively, so you don't miss out on good opportunities. But keep in mind that even the best people don't make success alone! If you collect information from many people without overconfidence, you will get more long-term profits. You get a high return with your cool judgment and strong will, can you look around and prevent a big loss?

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